Science Kits for Kids Age 10 – Best Projects to Discover

Discover the top science kits for kids age 10. From simple to advanced, here are the best science kits to help kids learn for themselves. Find out which kits are a good choice based on reviews.

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Sillbird STEM Projects Solar Robot 

Sillbird STEM Projects 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys For Kids, 190 Pieces Solar-Powered Dual Drive Motor DIY Building Science Education Experiment Kit for Girls, Ages 8-12


It fits you. (upgrade 2 power mods) – Solar mode: use a solar panel. It requires sunlight to produce enough power for it to move. Battery mode: need 1 AAA battery. You just need to enjoy the moment. (12 different robot types) – 12 building robots that can be moved on land and water.

There are two levels of complexity. The younger children will have an easier time learning. (DIY for creation) – challenge your child to create their robots. You will find detailed instructions for building 12 different robots from levels 1 through 2 and a step-by-step guide.

Stem education toys: this will help to develop manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, improve logical thinking, self-confidence, and promotes the importance of teamwork and collaboration. It enhances their Science, Technology Engineering, and Math skills.

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Playz Ridiculous Ideas Kids – Electricity

Playz Ridiculous Ideas Science Kits For Kids - Electricity, Electricity, & Magnetic Experiments set - Make Electric Circuits and Motors. Also, send Telegraphic Messages to your kids.


This will ensure that it fits. This Playz STEM Science gift is an exciting way to teach children about electricity, circuits, and sound propagation. It allows them to explore the basics of magnetic force fields, static electricity, radiographic messages, and electromagnetic force fields.

his is a great educational gift that can enjoy. Loaded including value: includes 27+ experiments, 31+ tools and ingredients, 72 pages of educational activities, and a guide with instructions. It is easy to use: this colorful, fact-filled lab guide has lots of information and pictures.

Engages your mind: the STEM set challenges your child’s brain as they go through an easy-to-follow guide. As a result, you will see your test scores improve. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. Trust our Playz promise: Playz products are high quality.

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Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Robot

Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Robot Kit Gifts For Kids 8 9 11 12 13 Years, Educational Building Science Experiment Gifts For Kids Boys Girls


It fits you. This 12-in-1 stem solar robot kit can be used to build 12 types of robotics. It helps kids build solid knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. After completing a robot kit, the parts are easy to disassemble. The sun is the only source of power.

Children can see the environment through the robot’s ability to crawl, roll, and flounder in direct sunlight. This allows them to learn about renewable technologies as well as the resources available. It’s easy with clear instructions – it is a good idea to build the solar robot.

Safety first – each piece is made of BPA-free and non-toxic ABS plastic. This helps to ensure your child’s safety. The stem robot kit is for children aged 8-12 years old. You can let your little engineer create his or her robot using their imagination.

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4M Kitchen Science Kit

4M Kitchen Science Kit- DIY Chemistry Experiment Lab STEM Toys for Children, Teens, Girls


Read more about this product. This will ensure that it fits. Science experiments can be performed using kitchen common ingredients. Create electricity with a lemon. Launch a rocket using vinegar. Write invisible messages. Ideal for all science lovers of any age.

The kit includes complete instructions. Recommended for children aged 8 and over. Get 4M educational toys and other kits to challenge your child’s imagination. It covers many educational topics and includes arts, crafts, science, and robotics. Recommended for children 8 and older.

4M has a variety of tools that will let you make a clock/crochet/placemat. They also offer a range of kits for learning, all in the spirit of having fun. Experiments using common household items. Turn your ordinary kitchen into a science laboratory.


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Sillbird STEM Education Solar Robot

Sillbird STEM 12 in 1 Education Solar Robot Toys-190 Pieces, DIY Building Science Experiment kit for kids aged 8-10.


It fits you. 12 different robot types – 12 robots that can be built on the ground or in water. The entry-level robots for children younger than 5 years old and then will have to master their manipulative skills. No batteries are required: the robot is powered by the sun.

It gives your child the opportunity to experience working with green technologies. Support STEM education: these science toys will help to develop manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, improve logical thinking, and promotes the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

This toy is a great way to teach children mechanics and engineering as well as to enhance their Science, Technology Engineering, and Math skills. DIY for creation: you will find detailed instructions for building 12 different robots from levels 1 through 2 and a step-by-step guide.

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JuniorScope Microscope Kit

JuniorScope Microscope Kits for Children Microscope Science Kits For Kids Science Experiment Sets


This will ensure that it fits. JuniorScope’s microscope for children features superior-grade glass objectives lenses. You can zoom in at a magnifying glass level of 40x, 100x, or 400x to see the details. The JuniorScope is a combination of two microscopes.

A low-power microscope to view solid objects such as leaves or insects, and a higher power microscope for transparent objects such as blood cells and bacteria. Each microscope kit includes the 18+ value “The Amazing Microscope Adventures” experiments set.

The ultimate science kit for kids includes a microscope, forceps, droppers, a test tube, slide, guide, and more. This portable microscope for kids is battery-powered and can be taken anywhere. They also have dimmable led lighting that makes it easier to identify objects.

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Made by Me, Window Art

Made by Me, Create Your Own Window Art By Horizon Group USA. Paint Your Own Suncatchers. This kit includes 12 pre-printed suncatchers, 12 DIY Acetate sheets, window paint, suction cups, and more, in a variety of colors.


Read more about this product. It fits you. 20 window art creations: create window art that makes your windows stand out with these 20 creative and whimsical creations. Use vibrant suncatcher paints to color 12 suncatcher shapes, create custom transfers.

Put on the display: window clings are reusable and can be applied without adhesive.

Be original, promote your creativity: mix and match colors to create unique patterns or paint your designs.

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Investigation Role Play Dress Costume

Spy Kit for Kids Detective Outfit Fingerprint Toys Gifts for 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Year Old Boys Girls Investigation Role Play Dress Up Costume Educational Science Secret Agent Finger Print Identification


A great detective playset where you can learn to identify and gather fingerprints like a forensics specialist. Analyze and seek fingerprints. Step-by-step, children can follow a guide through the booklets to get their fingerprints.

This set can be used to make fascinating detective activities like fingerprint matching and extraction. You can create crime scenes and reveal hidden messages. Costumes include a jacket, spy glasses, and magnifying glass. For undercover investigation, this is a must-have item.

Inconspicuous shading is possible with integrated mirrors. This fosters intellectual curiosity, teaching, and encouraging learning in many areas of STEM and connected sciences. This experiment can also help develop scientific curiosity and observation skills.

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AmScope Microscope STEM Kit White

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W),White


Read more about this product. A beginner compound microscope offers high magnification to support educational purposes. A monocular viewing device with an integrated color filter and LED illumination. Field view: widefield, and stage: one-layer stage with clips.

A forward-facing rotating tower provides magnifications of 120x to 240x and 300x respectively. The Coaxial coarse focus features a rack and pinion mechanism with a focus mechanism that is durable and rust-resistant on a White metal frame.

Includes a 52-piece accessory set and a hard-sided ABS plastic case. Included components: microscope Kit.

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Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Light-Up Terrarium Kit For Kids – STEM Activities Science Crafts Kits Kids Crafts Gifts Educational Kids Toys. Arts and Crafts For Girls and Boys Ages 4 5 6, 7 8-12 Years Old Girl Gift


What’s a Terrarium? A terrarium is a small garden that mimics the natural world. This all-inclusive kit will allow your child to create their very own terrarium. The innovative LED light underneath the lid will make it glow at night and help to grow the terrarium.

The LED light inside the lid transforms your experience into something extraordinary. Just turn the switch at night to make your terrarium a beautifully illuminated tabletop garden. It’s amazing, you can recharge the light with the Micro-USB cable included.

Includes a Terrarium Jar with a light-up lid, a clear step-by-step guidebook, micro-USB charging cables, a Micro-USB charging cable, and clear instructions. Also included are vermiculite soil and blue sand. This terrarium kit is both educational and fun.

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SNAEN Science Experiment Set

SNAEN Science Experiment Set, 30 Science Lab Kit With Coat Goggles Laboratory Kit Pretend Play Scientist Costume STEM Gifts for Toddler Girls and Boys Ages 3-4 5-6 7 8


Explore 30 scientific experiments – rich and interesting science chemistry kits, let children create rainbow rain, erupt volcanoes, rainbow fountains, bottle blowing balloons, etc., discover the mystery of science. A great gift for school experiment activities.

Scientist pretends wear set – this lab coat is comfortable for toddlers ages 3-8. Packing of chemical ingredients bottles – children can open the containers for experimentation and then close them tightly. This can prevent the chemical from deteriorating.

Learning in playing – this STEM education toy includes 15 brightly colored science instructions cards that clearly show the scientific principles and steps of 30 experiments. A compact and easy-to-carry storage box containing a complete discovery kit.

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Playz Volcanic Eruption Lava Lab

Playz Volcanic Eruption and Lava Lab Science Experiments kit - 22+ tools to make Lava Bombs. Volcano Eruptions. Fizzing Mineral Pools. Fake poison gas. & crystal deposits for boys, girls, and teens


This is what you need. This will ensure that it fits. This Playz STEM Science kit is an exciting way to teach young children about natural gasses, volcanoes, and minerals. It uses acid-based chemistry to amaze their minds. An educational gift for ages 8, 10, 11, and 12+ years.

Fully loaded: more than 22+ tools, ingredients, and parts combined with an easy-to-follow instructions book. It is easy to use: this colorful, fact-filled lab guide has lots of information and pictures that will give kids endless hours of enjoyment in the science laboratory at home.

Engages your mind: the STEM set challenges your child’s brain. This allows them to learn about their classroom subjects in a fun manner. As a result, you will see your test scores improve. Trust our PLAYZ promise: do your research, high quality and you can be sure of the results.

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Sntieecr Electric Circuit Motor Kit

Sntiecr Electric Circuit Motor Kit for Children, Educational Montessori Learning Kits set for Kids DIY STEM Science Project


Complete circuit kit: includes one introduction, four clips leads, three pieces bulbs, bulb holders, motors, rocker switches, propeller fans, and complete accessories to make science projects easy. Electronic Science toys: it is popular, can be used as a way for kids to learn about science.

Many applications: it is easy to fulfill your project requirements, improve your hands-on skills, and increase your learning abilities. Short circuits can produce high temperatures and burn the battery case. Children must be supervised.

This is a great gift for kids: the Montessori learning toy makes it easy for children to create their inventions and ideas. Attention, suitable for 8+ years. Please read and follow the diagrams to ensure that you do not short circuit. 

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DIY Slime Kit

For kids aged 5-12 years, DIY Slime Kit for girls - Slime supplies w/ foam beads balls, and 18 mystery boxes containing crystal powder slime


This is what you need. This will ensure that it fits. Jumbo slime-making kit includes 18 colors of slime, 3 shaping/cutting utensils, and 2 straws. 12 vials each of color glitter, sugar paper, beads, candy, plastic straws, and foam balls. The slime kit includes everything you could ever need.

The huge slime kit has more than 50 items. These include clear and 12 kinds of glitter. Brain boosters – they help to unleash creativity in your child and improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. The best toys for stress relief are arts and crafts. Slime works best.

Glow in the dark powder is now available with our jumbo DIY slime kits. You can mix it up, add a bit. This slime kit will be loved by all ages, from 5-12-year-old to adults. Our slime is non-toxic – safely washable and reusable. Quality-tested formulas that are safe and ASTM Certified.

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4M Magnetic Science Kit

4M Magnetic Science Kit 10 Magnetic Experiments and Games (more than 25 pieces to build & STEM learn from) - Power The Racer with Magnets, Levitate Magnets, Magnetic Yacht, Fishing, Boys, & Girls Age 8+


Through a mixture of science experiments and games, the Magnet Science kit helps young scientists learn about magnetism. This kit includes materials for making interactive magnet objects such as the Super Power Horseshoe Magnet or the Magnet wand.

Construct Super Magnet Racer or a Yacht Compass. The Fishing Game provides hours of entertainment and hands-on learning opportunities about magnetism. Recommended for children aged 8 and over. They also offer a range of kits for learning, all in the spirit of having fun.

Ten fun games and experiments. This kit includes all the necessary components to make a levitron racer, mysterious dangler, and fishing game. Unmask the mysteries of magnets. These toys cover many educational topics and include arts and crafts, science, and robotics.


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HISTOYE Stem Solar Robot Kit

HISTOYE 12 in 1 Stem Solar Robot Kit for Children 9-12 Engineering Science kits for Boys 8-12 Solar-Powered Engine Robotics For Kids 8 and Up Science Experiments Toys 10 11 13


This solar robot kit is a great way to introduce your child to robots. This robot solar kit is so rich in parts and type that kids can make 12 different robots. Solar drive: this stem robots kit does not need batteries and is powered by sunlight.

You can make your robot by placing it under the sunlight to receive solar energy. This is extremely high-tech. Children can enjoy both indoors as well outdoors. Stem education: because there are so many pieces to this robot creation kit.

This can help children develop their imaginations and hands-on skills. Robots for kids 10 and up integrates science and technology. Improve teamwork abilities and 100% safe. The quality of the solar robots is top-quality, non-toxic, and smooth.

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AoHu Science Solar Robot Kit

12 in 1 AoHu Science Solar Robot Kit For Kids, STEM Educational DIY Solar Powered Building Toys Experiment set for Boys and Girls (8-14 Years) (190 pieces).


This science kit contains parts including shafts, pumps, gears, and tires. These robots are real and can be used on both land and water. It is fun, exciting, and challenging to build. No battery is required. A solar panel powers both the negative and positive cables in the robot kit.

The solar panel converts the sun’s thermal energy into an electrical drive motor that supports smooth crawling. Children will create a working solar motor to allow the robot to move freely in the sunlight. A good choice for someone who is a DIY lover.

STEM education through play: this STEM project is suitable for children aged 8-12. It can also teach your child about robotics, engineering, and mechanics. It will enhance your child’s critical thinking skills and bring you many happy hours.

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Arts and Crafts Vault: 1000+

Arts and Crafts Vault: 1000+ Piece Craft Kit Library for Children Ages 4 5, 6 7, 8 9, 10 11, & 12 Years Old Boys & Girls - Crafting Supply Kit Kits – Gift Ideas For Preschool Kids Activity


You can unleash your creativity with this complete art and craft supply kit that includes over 1000 pieces of craft and art supplies. The supplies are packaged and kept in a 2-drawer box. This kit is of premium value.

It includes pipe cleaners; fuzzy sticks, pompoms; wooden pieces, felt strips, craft sticks, and sequences. You can make jewelry with beads or pipe cleaners. This kit is so versatile and you will love it. The kit will be a great experience for your child.

Our story: Dan & Darci, we believe that there are two better things than one, as you can see from our names. We create science and toys that entertain and educate. Our understanding is that you only love growing your brain and being the smartest person in the room if it’s fun.

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Children’s Science Experiment Kit

Children's Science Experiment kit with lab coat scientist costume and role play toys for boys girls ages 5-11 Christmas birthday party


This set is the most popular in laboratory science for children. It will inspire love for STEM learning and make it fun for young scientists. High-quality washable fabric for kids science lab coat. You can customize your badge with a name badge.

Enjoy endless fun variety of Science tool toys kit which is an exciting hands-on science exploration for ages 3-11. Kids will follow step-by step instructions and sharpen their skills in problem solving, sequencing thought, and math concepts.

Cards include step-by step activities. This amazing gift set includes 1x lab coat, 1x name badge, 4x large test tubes with stands, 4x eyedropper, 3 sizes funnels, 5 measuring spoons, 1x measuring cup, 1x magnifier, 1x safety glasses, and 1x activity card book.

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STEM Master Building Toys 

STEM Master Building Toys For Kids Ages 4- 8 - STEM Toys Set w/176 Durable Pieces and Full-Color Design guide, Reusable Toy Storage box - Educational Gifts For Girls & Boys


This set has more pieces than similar sets – the 175+ pieces have more balls, wheels, and connectors than other sets. This set is both versatile and full of useful pieces, making it the best value on Amazon. We are so sure you will love the STEM building toys set.

It comes with our no-hassle satisfaction guarantee. Through interactive play, our unique engineering set assists children to develop their mental muscles. This set supports logical thinking and cognitive system development. It helps develop teamwork and social skills.

Builder’s guide is full-color and includes 42 tips and tricks that will inspire creativity and create amazing geometrical combinations. All toys and storage containers we sell are safe, free from lead, BPA, and phthalates. To make it easy to clean, rinse your toys in warm water.

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