The Best Trampoline For Kids Indoor – A Guide to Finding the Right Trampoline for your Child

One of the best ways for kids to get exercise is with a trampoline but before you go out and buy one, there are some things you need to know about the right trampoline for kids indoor. We collected the basics.

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72″ x 50″ Safety Net Combo



It is made in China and protects the Springs. Jumping mat made from heavy duty grade, a trampoline fabric 42. Zinc coated galvanized steel 3-1/2 inch springs to resist rust and for added bounce. The heavy gauge is under 17, galvanized steel tubing and legs.

Frame has orange blow-molded plastic legs on the outside. The dimensions are 72″x50″x73″ with product weight recommendation: 110lbs.

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Perlecare Mini Trampoline Bag

PERLECARE Mini Trampoline 38


The Perlecare trampoline rebounder is a great choice for low-impact cardio workouts at home. Mini trampolines are a great way to offer more options for exercise and entertainment, and they’re affordable enough to be used by both children and adults.

The trampoline is protected from falling during use by safety pins. You can expect enhanced steel springs with 1.5mm thicker steel tubing to last longer and support up 300lbs. Non-slip rubber feet, a water-resistant polypropylene jumping pad make this more durable.

This 2-step folding system makes it easy to transport and saves space. For portability, the trampoline can be easily stuffed into its included bag. Trampoline is 38 inches in diameter with below 27 inches of mat area. Follow the safety instructions carefully and follow all the directions. 

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Mini Trampoline with Safety Pad



This item is great for kids aged 3 to 7. The mat is made of heavy-duty steel with a stainless-steel spring.

It is designed to protect the edges and prevent toes from getting stuck. A foldable design makes it quick and simple to store.

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Roanude Children Trampoline Mat

ROANUDE Children Trampoline - 4.5FT-8FT Indoor Outdoor Toddler, with Safety Mat Entertainment Trampoline for Boys, Girls, and Younthg Birthday Gift


This is the best kids trampoline. Jumping is an excellent way to get kids moving. Our 4.5ft trampoline can be used by 1-2 children. If your kids have a problem with electronics or are inactive, you’ll find they love trampolining and will become more healthy.

The trampoline legs have two suction pads that are placed under them. This humane design allows children to bounce and make noise without having to worry about the trampoline tipping or shaking. Ideal for toddlers and babies on their first trampoline.

It is also large enough for larger children, up to 300 lbs for girls and boys. All necessary hardware and tools are provided for quick and simple assembly. We recommend that you have two adults. It takes approximately 10 minutes to finish the installation.

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Fashionsport Enclosure-Indoor Trampoline

Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline With Safety Enclosure-Indoor Trampoline For Kids-Blue-5FT


This trampoline is 5 feet in diameter and comes with a safety enclosure. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It is easy to set up.

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Portable Kid Trampoline 

For kids and adults, the portable 36 inch Kid Trampoline has a handle for stability and safety pad. The handrail folds for easy storage.


Dimensions of under 37 inches diameter by 32 inches height. It is extremely easy and quick to assemble. It takes very little time. It features a handlebar for extra stability and safer play. The trampoline comes with under 7 legs to provide additional support.

This toy is easy to transport, store, and the handrail can be folded for storage.

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VGMiu Trampoline for Kid

VGMiu 60' Trampoline For Kids, Small Indoor and Outdoor Toddler Trampoline, 5FT, with Basketball Hoop Safety Enclosure. Gifts for Boys and Girls, Ages 1-8


A rust-proof steel structure that has 3 U-shape legs. This allows for increased stability and impressive bounce. Two large suction cups are used to secure each U-shape foot. This improves stability and does not cause damage to the floor.

The floor will not shake or rattle when toddlers jump on it. The heavier frames made of heavy-duty steel are stronger and more durable. They can also be used for safe bouncing. Rust-resistant tubes will not crack for long-term use.

The PP jump pad is durable and UV resistant. It can also withstand extreme pressure. Its transparent mesh structure makes it easy to jump in a safe environment. Children will not tear or rip the safety net’s top layer reinforced with a switching mesh.

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BCAN Mini Trampoline

BCAN 40/48


Thickened steel 3mm, stainless steel high-strength preservative spring. Continuous jump experiment. This heavy-duty bar has four settings that can be adjusted from 2’7+” up to 3’5″ on the mat. It is suitable for both children and adults.

Folded size is less than 1/4 It is easy to store your trampoline wherever you like in the bed, couch, trunk, closet, or car trunk. This provides an elastic recovery system that makes jumping for children over under 7 years old safe and efficient.

The four-hole construction allows the trampoline to be folded without removing the pad. It is water-proof and anti-scratch. A 10-minute bounce is equivalent to a 1-hour run, 30-minute cycling, or 20-minute swimming. Trampolin should become part of your daily routine.

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Ancheer Mini Rebounder Trampoline

Ancheer Mini Rebounder Trampoline, Adjustable Handle to Fit Two Children. Parent-Child Trampoline


Oval-shaped rebounding surfaces are ideal for parents and children. Five levels of height, from 38 to 45 inches, provide more stability. The detachable folding design makes it easy to assemble in less than half an hour.

The frame is heavy-duty with a PP jumping mat and PVC pad cover. There are also stainless steel springs and rubber-tipped legs tubes. This provides a safer environment for children and makes them feel closer to their parents.

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Giantex Mini Fitness TrampolineGiantex Mini Fitness Trampoline 38 inches for Kids and Adults, Rebounder Trampoline to Exercise Workout, Foldable Trampoline Indoor Outdoor. Max Weight 330lbs


You will find the complete manual as well as all accessories helpful in the assembly of your trampoline. It folds easily and can be stored away for easy storage. High-Resilience Jumping mat with powerful capacity. The mat is connected to the trampoline’s round edge by many springs.

This provides strong support for the mat as well as the entire trampoline. High-resilience, PP material is used to make the jumping mat. It is large and flat so you can enjoy yourself and be safe. The trampoline has metal legs that are equally distributed.

The trampoline’s weight and the person who is jumping on it are greatly distributed by this. Rubber feet allow the trampoline to stand up more securely and can protect your floors if placed indoors. The safety pads ideally protect the trampoline’s round edge.

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Trampoline for Toddlers – Kids 

Trampoline for Toddlers - 36 inch Kids Trampoline with Handle. Mini Trampoline indoor/outdoor Toddler Trampoline


Mini trampolines are simple to assemble for children. The trampoline’s safety bars and foam provide increased stability and security for the trampoline.

A mini trampoline designed for children with a padded spring cover that can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Little Tikes Trampoline

Little Tikes 3-Foot Light-Up Trampoline for Children Ages 3-6


Kids can create an indoor light show as they bounce and jump. The safety handle allows kids to hang on and bounce for joy. When not in use, fold the handle and store the trampoline.

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Kensone Mini Trampoline

KENSONE Mini Trampoline 40


The mini trampoline folds up for kids and adults. It is constructed of sturdy material and has steel springs that hold the waterproof bungee to it. Rubber sleeves and a foam handlebar make this rebounder safe and comfortable.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For quick storage, the fitness rebounder is foldable twice. It can be stored in the trunk, underneath the sofa, bed, or closet. You will receive under 7 rubber-tipped, detachable legs that can reduce noise and protect floor space.

It is safe for children and adults. It can be used indoors or outdoors to exercise. You can increase muscle mass and strength. It is suitable for jumping and yoga. The small trampoline is supplied with an assembly guide that outlines the steps.

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HearthSong Jump2It Kid Portable

HearthSong Jump2It Kid Portable Mini Trampoline for 2 People with an Adjustable Central Handle, Protective Frame Blue and Green


This trampoline allows kids to have indoor active play. It can be used for one child, two children at once, or as a solo activity. This sturdy indoor trampoline can withstand kids’ energetic jumping and bouncing.

It has a heavy-duty handle and frame, as well as springs and a polypropylene mat. The trampoline measures under 57 inches in length, 35 inches wide, and under 17 inches high; the jumping area is 43 by 24 by 24.

It is ideal for indoor usage as its compact design allows it to fit into places where bigger trampolines cannot. It’s great for active play on rainy days. Jumping on trampolines is an excellent way for kids to increase their coordination and balance as well as core strength.

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Ancheer Kids Trampoline

Ancheer Kids Trampoline has Safely Handrail. 36'' Outdoor Toddler Rebounder Trampoline. Indoor Small Trampoline For Kids.


This trampoline for kids is bouncy, made from a strong steel frame. The elastic rope replaces conventional springs to increase elasticity and safety. Comfortable soft-grip, no loss of balance and bounce; rubber legs prevent scratches on hard floors.

This mini trampoline is great for children to enjoy after-school fun. It also helps them burn off excess energy. It can also improve motor skills and confidence. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the trampoline for small children.

We provide detailed instructions with photos. The entire assembly process takes less than fifteen minutes. You don’t need any tools. This mini trampoline can be stored at home and is much more portable than large trampolines.

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Langxun Trampoline for Kids 

LANGXUN 60' Trampoline For Kids - Mini Toddler Trampoline, 5ft Outdoor and Indoor, Trampoline, with Basketball Hoop, Birthday Gifts to Kids, Gifts of Boy or Girl, Trampoline Baby Toys. Ages 1-7


The enclosure is sealed between the mat and the mat. This means that there’s no chance of your children getting stuck. The trampoline’s upper enclosure is made of galvanized steel with reinforced T-sockets that prevent structural twisting.

This customized, robust safety net is made from strong, high-density, tightly weaved, UV treated PE thread. They are strong and rust-resistant thanks to their 4 inches springs.

The trampoline’s jumping mat is constructed from UV-protected polypropylene which provides strength and endurance. Langxun trampoline is safe and fun for you family. All necessary hardware included for quick and easy assembly.

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Foldable Recreational Trampolines

Foldable fitness trampolines 48 inches by FirstE, Rebound recreational exercise trampolines with four levels adjustable heights Foam handrail and jump trampoline for kids and adults indoor/outdoor. Maximum load 440lbs


The trampoline’s 48-inch size allows for 2 to 4 children to have fun simultaneously. The unique design of the trampoline folds and can be carried in a backpack or under your bed. It is waterproof and anti-slip.

The rebounder’s eight legs are covered in an anti-sliding post cap that keeps it strong and wear-resistant. It is water-resistant and simple to clean. There are four different levels of handrail height available to adjust for adults and kids, ensure you have a good jumping experience.

You can grip the handle with ease and avoid falling down accidentally. 12-month warranty – all trampolines are made to the highest quality standards. We guarantee a replacement of any defective or missing parts for twelve months. Please contact us with any questions.

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Fashionsport Outfitters Trampoline

Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline - 38 Portable Trampoline For Kids - 38 Green


The trampoline’s small diameter is 38 inches. Its height from the ground measures 7+ inches. This gives it enough bounce. It is easy to disassemble and transport. You can find happiness anywhere, anytime. PP trampoline mat is high in elasticity and has large bearing capacity.

This allows children to experience the joy of weightlessness at their home. Frame pad and trampoline mat. The mini trampoline is safe for children and adults. Make sure to select a level and flat ground for installation.

Also, take precautions. The trampoline should only be used by children under supervision. We are happy to answer any questions.

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The Ravs Mini TrampolineThe RAVS Mini Trampoline is for Adults 40 inch Foldable Fitness Rebounder Children Trampoline has 5 levels Height Adjustable Resistance Bands and can be used indoors to do exercise up to 350 pounds


The RAVS Fitness rebounder is made with premium anti-slip PP jumping carpet, 32 pcs high-strength stainless steel springs, and a heavy-duty, steel frame. It can hold body weight up to 350lbs. This will ensure safety for both children and adults.

RAVS fitness trampolines offer a more balanced option than conventional trampolines. This accessory will help keep children and adults in balance while they exercise or work out. You can adjust the handrail’s height from 38 inches to under 47 inches depending on your needs. The mini trampoline is foldable and portable.

However, the handrail and legs must be taken off. It folds down to a mere 30 x 17 x 3.5 inches. This makes it easy to transport in a large bag, car trunk or closet, and store under your bed. You can also fold it yourself, without the need for any additional tools. 

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Two-Person Trampoline Exercise

Two-person trampoline for children and adults with adjustable handle bar, Doufit TR-01 Double jumping Fitness Rebounder Trampoline Trampoline with spring pad for toddler indoor and outdoor exercise


This large jumping mat can be used by two persons together. This mat can be used to create a parent-child interactive exercise that brings parents closer. Children can also have fun. Doufit trampolines are great for bone growth, muscle development, and helping kids to grow taller.

They also improve blood circulation and heart health. Its adjustable handle is the 5-level adjustable handle that can be adjusted to meet the different needs of family members. This makes jumping more natural and comfortable.

The adjustable height can be adjusted from 38 inches to 45 inches. The Douthit trampoline is safer for you and your family thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame. The instruction lists and numbers all parts including hardware.

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